Gold Country Endurance Riders

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2015 August Minutes

The August 18th meeting was started at 7:05 pm. We met in our regular room at the Black Bear but there was another group going on and it was very difficult to try to hold our meeting so Potato asked that we be moved somewhere else. It’s a good thing we had a small group because we were moved to a large table and smooshed very close together with part of our members standing. It’s probably good we are endurance riders. The notes are going to be light this week because not only was alcohol involved it was rather difficult to get good flow with my writing hand.

Dannon gave the checking account of $6,770.14 for Lynn who could not make the meeting.

Our ride has been moved to July 2nd though Potato saw no problem with it on July 9th even though it is close to Tevis. He felt enough LD riders brought in money and that not everyone rides Tevis who would be there to ride the 50 miler. I suggested that July 2nd was a better date because Fireworks is on July 9th and several riders did choose that ride over Gold Country this last year.

Dannon suggested giving a little “mini clinic” for an “intro ride”.

Next month, please bring 1 guest.

NEW Business:

Everyone please look at the new GCER website and give Lexie input on anything to make it better.

Denise Fissel will commit “heavily” to helping at next year’s ride. Thank you Denise!

Judy recommends trailmarking (for Denise?) and Denise will be Awards Coordinator.

In talking about the GCER buckles it was suggested that people really only care about Tevis buckles and not the 50 mile buckles. Potato disagreed, that he knows people who got the buckles from the ride and love them (I would wear one). Denise said she will find something else for awards.

Michel Block will provide the trophy for the 50 & 25 milers 1st place awards.

Judy made a motion that Denise research trophy options and report back next month.

Dominique will donate a 16 x 20″ canvas/portrait.

The next meeting is Sept 15th at Diana’s house.

Nominations for officers will be taken next month.

Bill made a motion to adjourn.
Leon 2nd’dddd
All approved
Meeting adjourned at 7:50

After the meeting was over Jim Holbrook asked Potato to talk about his Tevis ride & win on Fillouette. There was a special-ness that we as club members got to listen to our club president, our home town boy talk about his ride in his own backyard, in our backyard that was so special, personal and sweet. I looked over at Judy Carnazzo who had tears in her eyes every time the subject of this man’s victory came up and looking at her I teared up more than I already was. I know we all felt so lucky to be smashed in that booth in the Black Bear hearing him talk almost non-chalant about the ride, vet check to vet check and casually describing his competitors only by their numbers. It was a good end to a meeting and I think we all look forward to hearing more about Potato’s ride and win. Congratulations Potato!! How cool is that????