Gold Country Endurance Riders

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2015 June Minutes, Special

GCER Meeting Minutes June 8, 2015

Location: Black Bear restaurant.

An emergency meeting was called at 6:30 at the Black Bear restaurant. Dannon Stamper called the meeting as she needed more information in regards to our ride, what needs to be done, and who is doing food.

Website put on hold til after the ride.

Donna Williams will be at the airport.

Don’t know yet about the water boys for Darling Ridge or the airport.

Jon Saunders is on for horse transport.

Chris & Michele Turney will be contacted for the road crossing which we need from 8 – 4.

We need a minimum of 4-5 spotters for the ride @ the gravel intersection before the airport and a spotter at Powerline which is a new trail.

SOS will be drag.

Insurance for landowners need to be taken care of.

Dannon needs to learn her loop so will be picking a day to ride with Cindy Larkin.

Echo Valley will supply hay.

Paul is in for water at the airport.

Martin is in for water at Darling Ridge/other side of ride.

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted, Diana Hiiesalu, Secretary