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2015 October Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm at Diana’s house.

Minutes were read by Diana from last month’s meeting. Dannon makes a motion to approve, Judy 2nd’s motion.

Potato delivered the t-shirts & sweatshirts and is taking more orders.

Next meeting will be Jan 1st at the Milestone in Cool. 2 people are flying in from Portugal for Potato’s bootcamp before and after.

Guest: Lorna and Andrea from Placerville.

Guest: Simone from Germany is hoping to be in the US permanently. She is currently living in Lincoln.

Dannon gave the treasurer’s report: $5399.21

Lynn had to go on a 3-day trip so could not be at the meeting.

Old Business:
Pam mentioned the ride will be on July 2nd, 2016. She needs to confirm but thinks Donna Williams is still on to help at the airport.

Pam still needs help with Darling Ridge. She needs a manager and a co-manager.

Cheryl is the ride vet secretary.

Bob Morgan is the head vet.

Martin is still doing water.

Erin Kelly is taking over timing and helping Judy.

New Business:
Next meeting will be at the Milestone at 2 p.m. Jan. 1st. ~ Potluck ~ If people want to ride before they can.

Opening for board member. Cheryl nominates herself. Potato says yes & thank you.

Cheryl talked about Bort Meadows campout. She said about 12 people showed up Wed-Sun. Thurs & Friday they rode at Anthony Chabot Park. No major disasters and everyone had a great time. She’ll rent it again for next year which she’ll do in Feb. It’s $80 for 4 nights at Redwood & Anthony Chabot Park.

Pam mentioned that in November is an awesome Duck Ride in Santa Ynez. Sesenta Anos Ride.

Potato mentions that his granddaughter wants to ride Tevis.

Andrew Gerhard mentioned that AERC is thinking of making the Juniors age up to 18.

Bill (not to be confused with Bill [heart]) moves to adjourn.
Pam 2nds.