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2016 June Minutes, Special

Special meeting minutes 06/13 – started at 6:50 p.m. at American River Pizza in Cool.

Potato has secured a catering company. He will confirm that dinner will be started at 4 p.m. and it’s a Mexican buffet that is costing $9/person.

Cynthia brought up to Pam that the website had two different prices listed – Entry said $110 but the Ride Flyer stated $100. Randy said she’s gotten entries already and one person over paid and when she contacted them, they agreed to donate the additional funds.

Water person for the airport and water tanks in camp with a truck will be Dave Meaner. Martin will handle Darling Ridge side.

Andrew will be running the Darling Ridge vet check this year. (yeah Andrew!)

Donna will be running the Airport vet check this year.

Erin will be the head timer and needs people for in/out timing.

Cheryl is head secretary

Bob is ???

We have one new vet – welcome Natalie Drost (yeah)

We’re looking for a farrier to handle horses in camp – maybe Dave but could be too busy. We pay them $200/day plus whatever the rider pays too.

Horses For Healing will be proving the P&R volunteers in camp. LD placement is based on reaching HR criteria (set by vet at Ride Meeting) their vet box will be across from the water containers near the finish.

Participation awards will be given to Randy to stuff in the ride packets.

Post office box to be checked to see if John Stevens returned his buckle from last year’s ride.

Last year 50 mile riders arrived at airport about 7:06 a.m.

Need volunteers at WWS road crossing and slick pavement area.

Cynthia has secured Pete Occhialini to spot near enchanted forest (like last year) and Dave can give him a ride to & from camp. Karin thanked me for keeping him busy while she’s out of town (via email) and Pete will also be helping with parking Friday.

Awards Inventory – asked Denise to type up – its extensive.

We have 2 BC coolers and ICE halter (from last year) possible mid pack award

Crapes by Michele Bloc and he wanted to donate a trophy for the 1st 50 miler and 1st 25 miler. Will put Ride, Date and GCER 25 or 50 on the trophy.

Dominique Cognee will be in a special spot for photos and can be ordered via his website.

Gore/Baylor will be handling the general ride photos.

Denise has gotten some donations also like from Cool Feed and Cool Physical Therapy (where she’d getting physical therapy done currently). $100 from Cool Physical Therapy perhaps use towards 10 flexy buckets for top 10 awards

50 milers start at 6 am and 25 milers start at 8 am. (10:20 arrived at Darling Ridge).

At the finish of the meeting we watched a video filmed by KCRA 3 shot at Horses For Healing

Meeting wrapped up about 8 p.m. (sorry didn’t look at watch)