Gold Country Endurance Riders

Preserving Equestrian Trails Since 1980

2016 September Minutes

GCER meeting was held at the American Pizza & Grill in Cool at 7:02 pm,
Sept. 20, 2016

No guests.

Denise Fissel says someone needs to find a place to store the awards as she doesn’t have room

Minutes were read with one correction on “Baylor/Gore” to “Gore/Baylor”.

Nominations are needed for new officers.

Mail will be mailed to Elysha as Diana forgot to bring.

Garbielle donated ride entry ~ that donation is in the mail that Diana forgot to bring.

Treasurer’s report: $5598.98
Elysha said in the checkbook the balance is off by $100.10
3 signed checks are left in the book.

Website needs to be looked at by members and corrections/photos/ideas, etc. should be given to Potato or Cathy Wilcox.

New ride date is the same date as the Tevis Ed Ride. Pam knows and is working on figuring out another date for our ride.

Randy would like to train someone to take over her RM/Secretary position which she has been doing since 2003. She is involved in other projects and says it’s time to pass the job over to someone else.

Potato will compose a letter to the membership to talk about club issues.

New Business:
Diana brought up Dr. Larry Goss and donating to a walk his daughter is doing in his name for ALS, which he was diagnosed with. The walk is being held in Sacramento on Oct. 1st, 2016. Jon made a motion to donate $250. Elysha 2nd’s. Because there wasn’t enough people for a quorum Diana made a motion to do the vote by email.

Jon makes a motion to adjorn.
Cynthia 2nds.