Gold Country Endurance Riders

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2017 June Minutes

Gold Country Endurance Riders Meeting Minutes – June 20, 2017

I. Call to Order

Potato Richardson called to order the regular meeting of the GCER at 6:00 on June 20, 2017 at Black Bear Diner, Auburn, CA.

II. Roll Call

Roll call was taken via the sign in sheet.

III. Approval of minutes from last meeting

Potato read the minutes from the last meeting. The minutes were approved as read.

IV. Open Issues

  1. Treasurer’s Report: There is $3,012.43 in the bank. $1,500 was spent on clean-up and $500 on pies for ride meals.
  2. Ride Manager’s Report via Pam Bailie.
  3. Caterer will be An Honest Pie hosted from 4:30 to 6:00pm on Saturday after the ride.
  4. Need more volunteers. CCC will do the road crossing from 8am-2pm assuming all will be off the course by ________?
  5. Martin and Paul will do water
  6. Andrew Gerhard will manage Darling Ridge
  7. Erin Kelly will be the Head Timer
  8. Margretta will handle P&R at Camp. Marci and H4H will help with pulses.
  9. Need spotters at: (1) Enchanted Forrest, Two pair at Mardett, Two pair at the Road Crossing, (2) at Slick Pavement.
  10. Lucy Trumbull is making ride maps. Loop 2 Blue will be the 2nd loop for the 50’s.
  11. Start Times: 50’s @ 6am, 25’s @ 6:30am
  12. Michel will provide crapes!
  13. Denise has a donation from Crazy Leg Tights for both high vet scores.
  14. Martin and Paul will put out 23 water troughs
  15. Criteria will be 64 at the finish for 50’s and 60 at the finish for LDs.
  16. Next meeting was scheduled for August 3rd
  17. New business
  18. Potato announced the Shagya Award will be given out in each distance
  19. Denise exhibited awards for 1st place donated from Michel. Vote accepted to purchase a new engraving plaque
  20. Adjournment

Potato Richardson adjourned the meeting at 7ish.

Minutes submitted by:  Andrew Gerhard

Minutes approved by:  Potato Richardson