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2017 September Minutes

Gold Country Endurance Riders Meeting Minutes – September 19, 2017

I. Call to order

Potato Richardson called to order the regular meeting of the GCER at 7:14 on September 19, 2017 at Black Bear Diner, Auburn, CA.

II. Roll Call

No roll call was taken; however the attendees were Potato, Dannan, Andrew, Elysha and Dave with guests Theresa Rhine and new to Cool Leslie Prevost. We did not have enough board members for a quorum.

III. Approval of minutes from last meeting

The minutes from the last meeting were not read and so not approved.

IV. Open Issues

  1. Treasurer’s Report: Elysha Storm reported that the club has $7,378.16 in the bank. There is a pending bill for the website of ~$107. Sam Ellis made good on her bad check. Potato wrote a letter to Mary about her stop payment and it was suggested he send that to Jeanine Esler also since she was the rider since they have not made good on the payment. There is one no show that we would like to write off as bad debt for $15 that cannot be collected reasonably.
  2. New business
  3. Accounting Software.
  4. Elysha Storm proposed new accounting software.
  5. No quorum so a motion is delayed until next meeting
  6. Andrew Gerhard requested a donation of a 2018 ride entry for the Tevis Holiday party.
  7. Discussion about a fun ride get together at Dru Barner the 1st weekend (Friday – Sunday) in November to promote the club hanging out more. The club will provide chicken and burgers. The members will potluck the remainder. Asking for a $5 donation for condiments, buns, plates etc. and RSVP plus camping fees at the site. Raffle. Guests encouraged. We will post on the website, Facebook, flyers, and email.
  8. Discussion to coordinate a GCER fun get together with the Tevis Fun Ride in 2018. GCER could help volunteer at the Fun Ride while getting to campout at Foresthill and promote GCER membership. Mutually beneficial. Dave will discuss with Lori Stewart.
  9. Next month is nominations so it is important to have good attendance. We also need as many people as possible for voting, planning next year’s parties, events, etc. The meeting is scheduled for October 17th, the 3rd Tuesday of the month and will be at Black Bear Dinner in Auburn. Elections will be held in November.
  10. Dannan moved to adjourn, Elysha seconded.
  11. Adjournment

Potato Richardson adjourned the meeting at 8:10pm.

Minutes submitted by:  Andrew Gerhard

Minutes approved by:  [Name]