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2018 August Minutes

Gold Country Endurance Riders

Meeting Minutes

August 21, 2018

  1. Call to order

David Meanor, President called to order the regular meeting of the GCER at 7:15 on August 21, 2018 at The Monkey Cat, Auburn, CA.

  1. Roll call

No roll call was taken; however the attendees were Potato Richardson, Andrew Gerhard, Denise Fissel, Elysha Storm, Dave Meanor, Ashley Sansom, Judy Moore, Dale Scoville, and Lori McIntosh. Guests Carol Ferrari, Zach Fissel, Holly from Colorado, Heidi.

The Secretary did not have the minutes from the last meeting. The minutes from the last meeting need to be read and accepted in September.

  • Open issues
  1. Treasurer’s Report: Elysha Storm reported that the club has $9,552.36 in the bank. The P&L has not been finalized. Unpaid items include, reimburse Andrew Gerhard, S.O.S., engraving and any other reimbursements from the ride.
  2. Denise re: sponsors. Nothing to report but Dave commented that Stackers will be a sponsor in 2019.
  3. Old business still open
  4. Dave: GCER fun ride and campout is scheduled for Saturday, September 8th at Running I Ranch. We can show up on Friday to camp out. The trail/obstacle course is open to us Saturday with a potluck Saturday night. Use of the course on Sunday is optional as well.
  5. P&R Clinic. Tuesday, September 18th, Ann Williams will be the veterinarian for the clinic to be held at Lori McIntosh’s home located at 13715 Bell Brooke Drive, Auburn, CA starting with social hour at 4pm and 6pm clinic. Bring a chair. Motion to accept the date overlapping the Board meeting by Dave, 1st Lori, 2nd *The date and time are dependent on Ann’s schedule.
  • New business
  1. Dave stated he would like the Club to decide on what direction it wants to take in the future. To promote the club more, he would like to see us organize more fun events. The question of how we can spend our funds was asked. Potato stated that when the Club started in 1979, there we several parties and one Endurance Ride. The consensus seemed to be that we wanted to continue organizing fun events with funds for things like main dishes supported by the Club. There will be more discussion at later meetings.
  2. Andrew spoke with Pam Bailie the preceding day and she said that the first weekend in June was not going to work as a ride date. The proposal for a new date was June 29th which is three weeks before Tevis as is recent tradition. Denise made the motion and Ashlee 2nd. The motion passed.
  3. Potato moved to adjourn, Lori seconded. Motion passed


  • Adjournment

David Meanor, President adjourned the meeting at roughly 8:00pm.

Minutes submitted by:  Andrew Gerhard

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