Gold Country Endurance Riders

Preserving Equestrian Trails Since 1980

2018 October Minutes

GCER meeting minutes 10/23 at American River Pizza in Cool, CA


7:00 pm Meeting called to order & roll call taken


Elysha provided Treasurer Report: $9585. Net for 2018 $2386 & 2017 $3132.00


Update the website – please email Elysha ride photos (doesn’t have to be GCER)


Fun Ride had 11 riders but minimum was 15 so funds lost on that. Real good place to camp and had a lot of fun obstacles. Would like to do more events like that but would require people to pre-pay.


Discussed the Sept. gathering with Dr. Ann Williams. Whom has suggested a chiro clinic on a Saturday perhaps. Greg at Echo Valley offered a nutrition clinic.  Maybe do a play day type of event. During the week too difficult now with getting darn early.


What’s next is we need to build our membership. Bring a friend. We have the New Years Day riding coming up so encourage everyone to participate.  Need to reserve & double triple check the Milestone.


Dave will have a booth at Gold Rush Shuffle to bring more awareness to the club.  Cynthia recommended putting flyers on vehicles at the ride re: the club meetings and NYD ride!


A lot of ribbons were left up after the ride and people are not happy.  We must get them removed.  No one was really delegated so a GCER task list provided by the Larkins was passed out for review.  Suggestion of having a volunteer award. Free entry for pulling ribbons.


Shawn Bowling and Greg available to help & donate entries.


GCER ride is scheduled for June 29, 2019.


MOTION: pre-pay photos on entry. “Participation award” per se. Motion granted (Andrew & Elysha)


Proposed entry form to be $125.


Feedback – On line entry was well received and appreciated.


Discussed a valentine’s day party / fundraiser.


Andrew read August minutes and approved by all.


Board of Directors position open (Cynthia later emailed she’d accept) but not sure able to take on new task of new members but will try.


Meeting in November (?) usually no meetings in Nov-Dec-Jan-Feb. Resume meetings in March. If there is a meeting 11/20 it will be at Monkey Cat in Auburn.


Meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm