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2014 July Minutes

GCER Meeting Minutes July 15, 2014

Location: Joe Caribe’s Restaurant

The meeting was opened by Becky Santucci at 19:00 at Joe Caribe’s restaurant. The minutes were read and approved with a motion by Lexie, and seconded by Doyle.

There were 26 members present and two guests who both became new members. Marcie introduced Rachelle Hobbs, who is also the new president of Horses for Healing. Cindy Larkin introduced Cynthia Buendia.

Treasurer, Cindy Larkin reported a bank balance of $2949.29 for our club.

Old Business:


  1. Wild West:
    1. Dale Skoville completed all three 50 mile days on two horses. Day1, placed 5th , 2nd day placed 2nd, and day 3, placed 12th on day 2 horse. All his horses are Shagya breed.
    2. Trina Romo rode two days. day 2, 14th place Day 3, 42 place, got a little lost and did two lollipop trails but managed to get a completion.
    3. Diane and Bill Johnson completed two days of the LD.
    4. Frank Cano completed LD on third day
    5. Cynthia Buendia completed three LD days. Day 1, 1st and BC, Day2,2nd place, and day 3, 4th place. She also had the fastest overall time.
  2. Fire works:
    1. Frank Canto and Becky Santucci completed the 25 LD
  3. Cooley Ranch:
    1. Roger and Linda completed the LD on both days.
    2. Potato placed third and also performed the wedding ceremony of Sharon Wimburg and Robert Weldon
  4. Cool Ride and tie and Equithon:
    1. Marcie completed the ride and Tie with her Son
  5. Family Friendly Weaver Basin Express:
    1. Pam Bailie came in 5th place on the 50 mile.

Congratulations to all.

Diane Dixon Johnson gave a report on her new web site for Horsemen. She has 10 groups listed with their names and mission statements. There is a calendar where you can post your rides and invite others to join you. It will help newcomers find people to ride with and learn new trails. Wonderful idea Diane, thank you.

Ride and Tie:

Joe Larkin gave a report on the National ride/Tie championships sponsored and managed by GCER, held on July 12, at Dru Barner. We got a great report and a big thank you from Ride/Tie organization and a big thank you from Susan Smythe. Everyone loved the ride, camping , food, vets, water, and most of all the Trail! A big thank you to all our wonderful volunteers. Especially the water boys Martin Macken and Paul Dahms….. And trail angels, Cindy and Joe Larkin north side and Karin Occhialini South side. GCER received $1000.00 for our management of the ride and tie Championships.

Our next meeting will be August 19th at Joe Caribe’s. Hope you will all be here for the report on our ride.

Our next club campout will be at Pt. Reyes Oct 15-19

The meeting was adjourned at 1957 with a motion by Jim, and seconded by Karin.

Respectfully Submitted, Judy Carnazzo Secretary