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2014 June Minutes

GCER Meeting Minutes June 17, 2014

Location: Larkin Ranch

Our Meeting was held at the wonderful “Larkin Ranch”. Thank you Joe and Cindy for your generous hospitality. Great potluck as always.

The meeting was called to order by President Becky Santucci at 1945. There were 42 people in attendance. The minutes were read and approved with a motion by Lexie and seconded by Linda.

We had seven guests. Yam Dvir from Israel who’s goal is to complete Tevis. He is staying at the home of Michel and Ann Bloch. He will be riding Michel’s horse “Lad” on Tevis. Linda Ball introduced her friend Tari Witcher. Cindy Larkin introduced Cynthia Buendia , a new member and neighbor, and Diane Thornberry, another new neighbor, and her granddaughter Lana. Gene Meyers and Julie Green were also guests. A warm welcome for everyone.

Linda Glazier has a young friend from New Zealand coming to Auburn and hopes to ride Tevis. If anyone knows of a horse she can ride please call Linda. She is a world class rider. Potato also has a guest coming from Norway, Lene Hanneran. She will be riding SMR Filouette on Tevis.

Treasurer Cindy Larkin reported our bank balance of $2,504.29.

Old Business:


  1. Nastar: Pam Bailie came in 5th on the 50. Cindy and Joe Larkin completed the 50, and Dale Scoville completed the 75.
  2. Cooley Ranch: Linda and Roger completed the 30 LD. Yam rode the 30 LD one day and the 50 on the second day and was in the top 10 both days.
  3. Wild west was completed by Trina Romo, Dale Scoville, Tamara Stewart, Frank Cano, Becky Santucci, and Cynthia Buendia.
  4. Jack Brooks club ride: Everyone had a great time, no rocks on trails, lots of laughter, singing, cowboy poetry, and good food. The Jack Brook campout for 2015 is June 24-28. The list is full but call Cherryl Holbrook to put your name on the waiting list.

New Business:

  1. Our next meeting will be at the Black Bear Restaurant on July 15. Everyone please attend as it is our last meeting before our Gold Country ride, July 19
  2. Gold country ride , July 19, 2014
    Doyle gave an extensive report and update on our ride. Everything is in place and details are progressing in order. We are still looking for volunteers. Joe will send out a message to the club.

The meeting was adjourned at 2005 with a motion by Potato and seconded by Pete.

Respectfully Submitted, Judy Carnazzo Secretary