Gold Country Endurance Riders

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2014 May Minutes

GCER Meeting Minutes May 20, 2014

Location: Black Bear Diner

Our meeting was held at “Black Bear Diner”. The meeting was called to order by President Becky Santucci at 1858. There were 14 members present.

The minutes were read and approved with a motion by Allison and 2nd by Pam.

Cindy Larkin reported we have $2590.24 in our bank account.

Old Business:


  1. Whiskey Town – Diane D Johnson and Sue Tobin did two days of LD. Dale Scovill did one day 50.
  2. Pt. Reyes club campout was attended by Sue Smythe,Larkins. Occhialinis,An LaBar, and Dinah Gibbs. They all had great rides, and a great time. The campground was almost deserted.
  3. Thank you from Marcie to all those who attended “Horses for Healing” benefit dinner or bought tickets.

New Business:

  1. Riders needed for Equithon at Cool Staging area. Proceeds to benefit WS trail Fire Restoration. It will be held Saturday May 24th.
  2. Riders needed for EDETF Fund ride Sunday May 25th at Dru Barner
  3. Jack Brooks club Campout is June 4-8, Space available. Call Cherryl Holbrook if interested.
  4. Discussion and update was held by Pam and Doyle regarding our Gold Country Ride, July 19th. Everything seems to be in place. If you want to volunteer for anything, please notify Pam or Doyle.
  5. A 75th birthday party is being held for Martin Macken in Santa Cruz area, June 21 from 3-8. All club members are invited. If interested email Joe Larkin.
  6. Jeree Schaeffer from Elegant Ears, per Becky asked for private donations for the “Cables Creek campground. They are short $3000.00 for the gravel and would welcome any donations.

The meeting was adjourned at 1950 with a motion by Doyle, and seconded by Dannan

Respectfully Submitted, Judy Carnazzo Secretary