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2014 October Minutes

GCER Meeting Minutes October 21, 2014

The last meeting of the year was held again at Joe Caribe’s. The meeting was called to order at18:59 by President Becky Santucci. There were 24 members present.

The minutes were read and approved with a motion by Jim and seconded by Lexie.

Guests and also new member Tom Cooper and his wife Lana, and Terryl Reed were introduced by Becky. Andrew
Gerhard a lifetime member and Ashley Sansome , returning members were also welcomed.

Treasurer report by Cindy Larkin:

Balance: $4909.14
Ride income: $7177.00
Ride expense: $6538.98
Net ride income: $638.02

Old Business:


  • Red Rock Rumble: Andrew completed the ride and said there were wonderful talks by Julie Suhr and Becky Hart
  • Oregon 100: Pam Bailie was second on Little Man.
  • Dale Scoville was on the cover of the October issue of Endurance news. The Photo was from Tevis of this year 2014.

Congratulations to all.


Pt Reyes Was a great outing. Perfect Weather, food, friends, rides, trails, music, and cowboy poetry.

Cherryl reported she will make reservations to Bort Meadows for 2015, February 1. Hopefully It will be the weekend after Labor Day. Wednesday -Sunday, September 9-13, 2015. If that date is available if not she will try for another weekend in Sept. Bort meadows charges $200 a night for group camping, for a total of $800. She will need a commitment and money for 9 rigs, at $80 per rig/ not people…… for four nights. One rig and as many people/horses as you want in that rig. This is a real bargain. Call Cherryl at 530-272-9222 to reserve a spot.

The dates for Jack Brooks remain the same June 24-28, 2015. There is only one on the waiting list so call Cherryl if you want to go.

New Business:

Gold Country Ride discussion:
Pam announced Daanan Stamper will be her co-manager for the ride. The date is July 11, 2015

Donations: Cindy stated we contributed $250 to the airport for the use of their facilities for the vet check. She also paid the bill/contribution of $300 as requested by S.O.S . Following a discussion by club members , Potato moved and Trina 2nd we make a $500 donation to Dru Barner Park. The motion passed. Any further donations will be tabled until after the 2015 ride, as we need to keep a good balance to put on the ride.

Ride fees: After a suggestion by Pam Bailie, ride manager and discussion by members, Karin moved we raise our fee to $100, and $85 if paid 15 days before the ride. Junior fee will be $50. The motion was seconded by Daanan and passed.

Insurance: Joe Larkin stated our ride is covered by AERC insurance. That is the only ride we put on so he suggested we do not need club insurance any longer. Potato moved and Pam seconded to discontinue our insurance. The motion passed.

Becky mentioned at our last meeting members inquired about Club T shirts/Jackets/mugs. Andrew volunteered to check prices and marketing and report to the board before our meeting in January.

GCER vote results from our meeting. Effective January 1, 2015.


  • President: Potato Richardson
  • Vice President: Daanan Stamper
  • Ride Manager and second Vice President: Pam Bailie
  • Secretary : Diana Hiiesalu Bain
  • Treasurer: Terryl Reed
  • Past President: Becky Santucci
  • Four Board Members : (aka members at large)
    • Paul Bickner
    • Jim Holbrook
    • Lexie Plate
    • Michele Bloch

GCER Club Checks for 2015 may be signed by:

  1. VP – Daanan Stamper
  2. Secretary: Diana Hiiesalu Bain
  3. Treasurer – Terryl Reed (She can do on line banking and the statements should be emailed to her)

The GCER board includes all officers and the four members at large.

Thank you to the past officers for their service. President, Becky Santucci, 2 years, Secretary, Judy Carnazzo s, 7 years, and Treasurer, Cindy Larkin ,2 years. Well done !!

The meeting was adjourned by Becky at 1945

Respectfully Submitted , Judy Carnazzo, Secretary