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2014 September Minutes

GCER Meeting Minutes September 16, 2014

Location: Joe Caribe’s Restaurant

The meeting at Joe Caribe’s was called to order at 1855 by President Becky Santucci. There were 15 members present.

We also had two visitors introduced by Potato. Janelle and Paul Beckner, who are experienced riders. Welcome.

The minutes were read, corrected by Potato, and approved. Potato stated Robert Weldin rode Josef on Tevis. Josef is owned by Robert. However he is a Shagya Arabian, bred and raised by Potato.

Treasurer Cindy Larkin said our bank Balance is $4737.13. We still have outstanding bills from our ride, So the profit is still unknown.

Old Business:


  1. Tahoe Rim ride:
    1. 50 miles with a limited number of riders. Diane and Bill Johnson came in 11th and 12th, and Cynthia Buendia was 6th. Everyone said it was an awesome ride with wonderful trails and vistas and trail.
  2. Camp Far West:
    1. Robert Weldin was 3rd on first day on Josef, and first on second day on a different horse.

Congratulations to all.

Pt. Reyes October 16-19th. It will be a full camp as Gaited club and back country Horseman will also be camping there. Get your reservations ASAP.

Gold Country ride:
discussion tabled until our next meeting, when ride managers are able to be here.

New Business:


Becky is stepping down as president. Thank you Becky for your good work.

Diana Hiiesalu Bain volunteered to be VP

Judy will remain as secretary

The treasurer office is open

MichelBloch, Paul Bickner, Lexie Plate, and Jim Holbrook offered to be on the board.

Our insurance discussion tabled until next meeting.

We will need a new Darling ridge vet check manager for next year.

Club donations also tabled until our Oct. meeting and all bills have been paid.

Cindy moved and it was seconded by Daanan that we continue with the dues of $35 per couple and $20 for single membership.

The meeting was adjourned by Becky at 1945 with a motion by Jim and 2nd by Karin. Our next meeting on Oct. 21st will be held at Sizzler’s on Lincoln way past Ikeda’s.

Respectfully Submitted, Judy Carnazzo Secretary