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2015 April Minutes

GCER Meeting Minutes April 21, 2015

Location: Black Bear Diner, 13365 Lincoln Way, Auburn

Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm sharp by president Potato Richardson. We then had a 5 minute break to finish eating (yum).

Terryl Reed, our brief & former treasurer did not show up but brought money to someone and is now exonerated from her duties. We now have a new treasurer Lynne Holochwost. Lynn, as treasurer along with Dannon and myself will have the responsibility to sign checks. Lynne says she wants to give back which we all appreciate and I believe Lexie Plate scared the crap out of her and everyone else in the club because we had a huge turn-out and several new guests.

Lexie had 4 guests: Denise & Zack Fissel, Doyle Patrick, Adam White (who found us on FB) and Tammy Karnow.

Marcy had 1 guest: Lynsey Vernon.

Dannon had 1 guest: Corinna Jones.

The minutes were read and approved (except to change {Jack} “Books” to “Brooks”) by Lexie & Paul. The treasurer report was unavailable but will be available next month.

Old Business:

Our ride:

  • Pam (Ride Manager) & Dannon (VP).
  • 25’s will be on the Darling Ridge loop. No extra loop will be done.
  • Michel Bloch is on for crepes and would like an invoice from us.
  • There may be a water issue with Georgetown Divide Public Utilities District. They will be contacted next week to discuss getting a permit as all of the ride water is pulled from the ditch and we can’t do a ride w/o water.
  • The LD will be a more standard 25 miler.
  • Food is up in the air for dinner.
  • All permits are done (except the GTPUD?).
  • Lexie will be in charge of Darling Ridge, Donna will be in charge of the Airport.
  • Head timer is Erin Kelly and Judy Carnazzo will be assisting her.
  • Donna apparently is old now so we need someone younger to run the V.C. at the Airport.
  • Jon changed the limited distance to a 6 hour limited, not a 7 hour.
  • Ride entry fee is $100 ~ $85 if signed up early. We are still the best deal around!
  • SOS will do sweep.
  • Jon will provide transport trailers.
  • Leon Shoenhair (sp?) will be a timer and medical person at the Airport Vet Check.
  • Joe will not be able to lime trail because he is doing a golf tournament. We will forgive him this time. We need a volunteer to take over this job.
  • Shagya people want to be there to give awards to the Shagya horses who will also be at the ride.
  • Dannon made a motion to make Shagya horses their own division in ride. Lexie seconded it.
  • Motion passed.
  • Lexie is Awards Coordinator. Paul Bickner is taking over the awards for the ride and buckles have been ordered.
  • Darling Ridge is shaping up for help with the vet check.


Lexie had an appt. with Cathy Willcox (who has designed many horse websites) but canceled it. Costs to set up site and 2 hrs to help someone manage it is $200. Lexie explained that we really needed a strong web presence to keep our club strong and bring in new members. She wanted approval to set up new website and $20-25 a month to maintain it. Lexie also said she can send out an email to show the websites Cathy has designed. Website is hosted by Lexie can reschedule the appt. if this is agreeable to the club. Paul Bickner made a motion and Dannon Stamper 2nd the motion. All approved.

We gave a hand to Lexie for again, scaring the doo doo out of us to get off our butts and keep this club running and a HUGE special hand to Jon Saunders for maintaining the GCER site for free for some 15 years.


  • Basically the same as last month on the campouts.
  • Jack Brooks is full.
  • Pt Reyes is over Mother’s Day.
  • Bort Meadows is 9/16 – 9/20. We can sign up the day before as there is a lot of room and no contract signed. $80 for one day or all 5 days.
  • Jack Brooks in 2016 is already reserved and only 3 rig spaces left per trailer.

A new printer was discussed. Horses for Healing suggested we use Dancing Dog.

Darcy for Horses For Healing wanted to say thank you to Potato for being an impromptu announcer at her event. In 5 years they have raised
$10,000 in Judy Gerherdt’s honor for her scholarship fund.

New Business:

Motion was made to adjourn by Jim Holbrook.
Jon Saunders seconded.
Meeting adjourned at 7:56 pm.

Next Meeting: May 19th, Black Bear ~ 6 pm Dinner, 7 pm Meeting.

Diana Hiiesalu Bain, Secretary