Gold Country Endurance Riders

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2015 June Minutes

GCER Meeting Minutes June 16, 2015

Location: Black Bear restaurant.

The June 16th meeting was called to order at 7:04 pm at the Black Bear restaurant.

August meeting was discussed, as traditionally it is a potluck at the Larkin’s home but they will be out of town. The club wanted to know if we could still have it there even if they aren’t. At this point it’s undecided on location but most everyone thought that was a good idea even if the Larkins didn’t.

Our guest tonight was Lynn Holochwost’s husband Tony.

Tom Cooper is a new member.

Dan Seidlitz was a guest. Dan is selling an ID attachment halter and attachment tag in 16 different colors. Cool.

Minutes from the last meeting were unavailable so there will be a double report at the next meeting.

Treasurer’s report:
Checking acct: $4744.77

8 Family members have paid. 12 have not paid.

17 single members have paid. 13 have not paid.

Belt buckles have been paid.

Old Business:

BC Blankets ~ Pam donated blanket and is having it engraved.

Participation Awards are still up in the air.

Paul Bickel is MIA about buckles.
Lexie has 4
Paul has 1.

Cindy rerouted the trail so there will be double traffic on Motorcycle Hill. Apparently
landowner really likes guns but he likes Cindy…….Cindy will spot Motorcycle Hill.
She’s taking one for the team.

Mickie & Chris Turney may volunteer for spotters.

Erin Kelly is taking over as head timer and will also be with Judy Carnazzo at the start.

Leon, Lynn, & Mary Gordon will be timers.

Mary Gordon & Lynn are also timers at the Airport.

Liz Bryson & Judy will be at Basecamp, so all the timers are taken care of.

Pam Baile’s sister will be the caterer.

Will use EDTEF’s grocery list. More chicken will be ordered than tri tip as it seems more popular.

5 entries are in so far. Limit is 140. Inventory for awards ~ budget is $5.00 or less. Dan Seidlitz will look at donating his ID halter/attachments for awards. It was suggested to take a photo of the award to try to get more entries. I think free alcohol would work too.

We still need volunteers. An email will be sent to Ann Blankenship for volunteers because apparently when Ann talks people listen.

Paul Dahms is doing the airport water and Martin is doing Darling Ridge.

Paul suggested we get a 3rd water guy.

We need 3 spotters on Cindy’s loop.

Karin and Allison are going to start trimming the 2nd loop manzanita & berry bushes. Anyone else who can help would be much appreciated.

Dan will order 140 ID attachments and buy back what isn’t used, or open to club for sale. Lynn suggested we make them all red, so they stand out as “first aid”.

Volunteers are needed at dinner time to collect tickets, hand out dinner plates, etc. Dinner will start at 3 pm. 3-4 people from Horses for Healing can stay and serve.

Parking is handled with Bill & Diane Johnson and Pete.

P & R’s ~ Horses for Healing will P & R at the lunch stop for the 50’s.

We need volunteers to keep riders from coming thru camp, as they need to come all the way around camp to finish.

Drag Riders are SOS and they are also pulling ribbons.

The website will be worked on after the ride.

NEXT MEETING: July 21st at The Black Bear restaurant.

Pam Baile asks everyone to please promote the ride as much as possible to get entries in.

Diana made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Karin 2nd’d the motion.

Respectfully Submitted, Diana Hiiesalu, Secretary