Gold Country Endurance Riders

Preserving Equestrian Trails Since 1980

2015 September Minutes

The GCER meeting started at 7:15 pm at Diana’s house.

Guest Becca Stone. Becca is from IN and wants to do Tevis. Potato wants to know if she is single. She has a wonderful horse from Cynthia.

Guest Tirzah (“Licky Licky”) Collie. It is also mentioned that Tirzah will let an axe murderer in the house. Potato does not ask if she is single.

Potato started the meeting by talking about how busy he was as he’s writing a book on his Tevis experience. He also mentioned about a 12 year old that was so excited about him being in the lead at Tevis, that her mom drove her 4 hours to be at the finish to see him come in.

Treasure’s Report: $6452.94
Only 2 bills have been paid.
Lexie made a motion and Dannon 2nd it that Dru Barner and the Forestry needs to be paid.

Lexie also talked about our new web designer/host Cathy Willcox. Cathy only charged us $200 to do the website & hosting it for a year is $107.47. She currently charges ~$2,000 to design a website.

Lexie needs to be the coordinator for questions/problems with the website. Lexie makes a motion that Cathy will do our website updates.
Cindy 2nd’s motion.

Lynn Holochwost mentions that Licky Licky (Tirzah) has found 4 axe murderers in the group. Becca, Leon, Denise & Cheryl.

Nominations are made and basically everything stays the same:
Potato nominates himself
V.P. Dannon
Treasurer Lynn
Secretary Diana
Board members: Lexie (one more year)
Michel Bloch
Denise will also serve on the board.

Oct. 20th meeting is again at Diana & Tirzah’s house.

Lexie suggests that it is good to have emails thru the website for club members to contact each other i.e. (and do not make public).

Diana and Joe mentioned that they would prefer not to have another email to have to deal with. Others thought club emails was a good idea.

Cheryl said we need to decide what we can donate to GDETF (Georgetown Divide Equestrian Trails Foundation). The money woud be spend specifically at Dru Barner Park. Cheryl makes a motion to give $1000. Cindy Larkin 2nd’s to donate $1000 to GDETF to be specifically spent on corrals at Dru Barner.
All approved.

New Business
Lexie got a couple of samples of t-shirts & sweatshirts that Jennie Gomez made up with our club name on the front & sleeve for anyone interested in ordering.
T-shirts are $10
Sweatshirts are $22
Black Only
She set Oct. 1st for all the orders to be in so she could bring them to the next meeting at Licky Licky’s house.
We discuss an email that will go out to all the members with prices, photos etc.

Bill makes a motion to adjourn.
Lexie 2nd’s motion.