Gold Country Endurance Riders

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2016 May Minutes

GCER Meeting May 17, 2016

Meeting call to order at 7:06 pm at the Black Bear Restaurant.

Text from Pam Bailie that she will not be at meeting.

Guest: Laura Horst. She lives in Cool and would like GECR to be an avenue with AERC to help promote international ‘teens from Australia and the USA. Laura is the go-between for Aus/USA to promote friendship, horses & family.
4 Aussies are coming here for JayaMae’s Ride in Oct. The goal is to get 4 US juniors to Australia next year. Connie Caudill from AERC proposed this and has gotten funding but they need more. $4,000 per jr., so $16,000 total.

The Aussie kids will be here for 10 days which will include other things like visiting the Redwoods, the coast, Yosemite.

Discussion on the real amount for our ride is $105, early entry $90. Apparently it was incorrect on the website.

Amended minutes have been approved by Bill H.
Potato 2ndedddd…..

Treasurer’s report: Dues to date for 2016 is $520
Final balance is $5579.27

Bill made a motion to approve.
Dannan 2nd to approve Treasurer’s report.

Pam is ill, but wants to know about the caterer for our ride. Potato has 2 caterers in mind. At the Tevis Fun Ride the meals were $13 a head.
The 2nd option is the Mexican buffet (yuummmm) for $9.00 a head.
Denise & I (Diana) vote for Mexican.
Jose will be contacted for the Mexican buffet. If he can commit we will use him. If not, the second caterer will be contacted. Denise makes a motion to proceed. Dannan 2nds.

Water person needed for airport with a truck that can pull tank & trailer.

Pam wants a meeting in June just for ride details only. Dannan will email everyone to set a date.

Denise asked about extra ride awards and will check with Pam or Randy. Also she’ll check with Pam to see what Pam can donate. Dannan says we need to decide what we can give. Maybe Dom can donate to “Fastest Time” award.

Denise will contact Michel about his donations for whatever we can use.
Cheryl suggests we do as little as possible because the caterer will cut into the budget.

Everyone votes to scratch the weight division prizes.

New Business:
Jon wants to know if anyone wants to take ownership of the trailer. Jon has not seen the trailer for a year. Apparently Martin has it and uses it for our ride & Tevis. Trailer follows whatever vehicle as far as liability. Jon just wants to get rid of the trailer. Cheryl said she’d take the trailer then she said she wouldn’t but wouldn’t mind parking it for Jon. Potato said he’d take the trailer whenever Martin returns it, if he does. Someone suggests Pam take the trailer because she is not there. Cheryl makes a motion that the club pays for the registration for Jon. Who 2ndeddddd I don’t know….

With ride no horses are allowed on the Denton property, so there is going to have to be up and back (2-way traffic) on Motorcycle Hill.

Insurance certificate can be mailed to Jacob Williams to sign.

Cindy has no idea what condition Motorcycle Hill is in or any of the trails.
Dru Barner is closed as 200 trees needed to be taken out.

Denise brings up the Treasurer position. Elysha Storm Richards wants to take over Lynn’s position. A plan is set for the transfer at the bank to be done to get Elysha on the proper bank paperwork.

Bill makes a motion to adjorn.
Potato 2nd’s
Everyone agrees.
Happy Face.