Gold Country Endurance Riders

Preserving Equestrian Trails Since 1980

2019 March Minutes

Guest Dalwa Fitzmoris, Anne Williams,

Membership Holly Carol, Ferrari, Ashley, Pam, Denise, Rachelle, Andrew, John, Dave



$9101.03 need to file Taxes

Membership 18 total

Denise: We have all the paperwork to file for the ride on July 20th date. Denise will talk to Jenni about GDETF for water.

Need new awards coordinator (Rachelle volunteered)

Dave will ask AERC for Junior Lifetime membership and will contact horseshoe barn, Dala would like to donate equine body work.

Pam: Changed date, Needs to confirm Erin Kelly head timer coordinator, Pam is bringing Melissa Bayes in to help with trails. Looking at a 50 and a 25. Or return to the faster trail to the airport. Need help figuring out trails for both 25 mile loops to make airport work.


Spots to be filled

Ashley’s Russ for 2nd Waterboy with Dennis Frank

Cynthia Beundia and Gina Martin nominated for

Food truck – Tacos

Vets, Bob Morgan is free because Tevis moved

Radios – Sweep

Road Crossing will finish up before CCC ends on their eight hour shift.

50’s on Airport first, LD’s do same Darling Ridge route.


What do we want to do as a club this year.

Club Camping trip 2nd weekend April Friday and Saturday night. Need to promote and organize food at Club expense beyond donations.

Holly: Propose would like to have a 3-day centered riding seminar May 31st to June 1st (Rider training clinic) with Becky Hart. Holly would host if the club would sponsor. Expense would be $1,000 per day, porta-poties, simple food.  3-day camp. Club can cover insurance. Los Establos for food suggested but TBD

Dawla 1st, Pam was 2nd. Price suggestion $325/weekend, $150/day, $25/day audit, Additional $350 after May 1st,   16 people max, 10 min by May 1 before we decide to cancel. No refund. Holly needs pop up shades, gym balls, and mini trampoline. Holly has held this clinic 5 times already with Becky.


Add request to Faebook and website to support the high desert ride 100 with volunteers and riders.

President Dave

VP Dannan

Sec Andrew

Alysia Ride Sec and Treasure

RM Pam

A RM Denise

Member: Michele Andrew motion to reposition John as Member Board person. Motion passed.

Honorary Former Pres Potato


Next meeting will be:

Dalwa will do a presentation on body work and essential Oils


April Fri 12th at the club ride 7pm meeting.

Andrew 1st to adjurn at 8:26, Pam and John second.